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TTB has added a new feature to COLA's online that help ensure the the label image file(s) that are uploaded are of adequate quality for TTB to review to insure the labels are in compliance with the labeling regulations within the CFR's. Checking image quality before you submit your application will greatly reduce yhe risk of your application being returned or rejected because of poor image quality issues.

Here is what to expect when you upload your label(s).
  •  TTB COLA's online will analyze the file(s) size and pixel count to estimate if the image will be clear enough for TTB to preform a thorough review.
  • If the label fails to meet the minimum standards, the filer will receive an error message, and the system will prevent the filer from proceeding until the label(s) are corrected.
Here are some guidelines to assist when making up the label file prior to submission:
  • Insure the file has a resolution of at least 120 dpi.
  • A medium compression setting (for JPEG files) should be at least 7 out of 10 or 70 out of 100
If you find that a JPEG file is still blurry, try saving it as a PNG file as TTB accepts both, just remember, each label (Body, Neck, Back) used on your product must be saved to a separate file and not be any larger than 1.5 MB in size.

Also, please insure you complete the translation section of the COLA application! All foreign lanuage must be translated tyo English or your application will be rejected.


Several states have completely redesigned their websites so pay close attention to them. 
Reasons for updates:
1) Regulation changes
2) More and More are going to strictly on line filings and last;
3) Some state agencies have mergered toigther. 

Some are easy to navigate, other you will get lost quickly, so know them.

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