Each State has their own set of regulations. do you know them? They can be very complicated.
State Alcohol Services
Each state is its own entity when it comes to licensing. Some are very simple, some are very cumbersome. Some are ran by the state police, others by a special commission and last others have multiply government bodies to deal with. 

Even if your business is not located in the state in which you are seeking a permit, you may to qualify as out of state entity and pay franchise taxes as well as file annual reports.

Others require you to obtain a tax ID in order to file monthly reports and pay taxes on what you shipped into the state during the month.

Also you will need to register the brands with most states and each state has their own guidelines for that as well. Some charge a one time fee, some require annual or bi-annual renewals.

Last you need to know if you are dealing with a control State, a franchise state, or other. Each state may require an Agreement with your wholesaler.  Keldon recommends having a written Agreement with each wholesaler.

Like TTB any any and all changes in Ownership, wholesalers, brands or the like must be reported to the governing entity.

Our Team offers the following services to assist you.
  • Assisting with applications and establishing of permits with state liquor authorities
  • Label make up to insure your label meets both TTB and state requirements, as some states have their own requirements such as alcohol content, deposit information etc.
  • Application and approval of brand registrations for both domestic and foreign product.
  • Tax rates per state on each package configuration and size.
  • apply for and secure the proper tax permit when a state calls for the need to have one.
  • Assisting with applying for and securing the proper filing with the Secretary of States off as a foreign entity.
  • Make up and writing a wholesaler Agreement specifically oriented towards your business.
  • Content and state laws pertaining to wholesaler Agreements. Do you know the difference between a Franchise or Control state. Talk to one of our experts and find out how to protect yourself.
  • We can also handle your state monthly reports as well as you state permit and brand registration renewals.
  • Do you need to adopt a trade name, we can help with this filing

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