Do you know the Federal Laws?  Don't be caught in the dark. Contact Keldon for the help you need.

Over the years, the range of services we offer has widened and changed, Roughly 80% of all submissions our completed on line now for both TTB and state liquor agencies. Further, with the addition of more types of alcoholic and nonalcoholic products being manufactured and offered, the requirements of Keldon has been updated to include these goods as well as the knowledge of cannabis laws.  The service we offer today enable our clients to get  their product to market faster and more effectually with the help of a team of experts behind them.

Do you know in order to manufacture, import, export, warehouse, sell or distribute, you need a federal permit.  The bigger question is do you know what permits you need? It may also suprise you to know that more than just TTB is involved in your permit.

The Keldon Team can assist you in the following area's:
  • Qualify and establish a brewers Notice, which permits you to brew, package, store and sell your own product.
  • Qualify and establish a Distilled spirits permit which allows you to distill, blend, package,and sell your own product.
  • Qualify and establish a Winery permit, which allows you to blend, ferment, package and sell your own product.
  • Qualify and establish a brew pub.
  • Qualify and establish a pilot brewery.
  • If you are an importer, we can qualify you to obtain a Basic Importers Permit.
  • If you are a wholesaler or become an agent for a manufacturer or Importer, we can help you qualify to obtain a basic wholesalers permit.
Please note, you can have only one permit in your business name per location,  however you can have multiple locations, each holding their own separate permit.

Changes in your permit once issued:

A permit holder is obligated to inform TTB of any changes in their permit in any manner with 60days of such change or face fines or loss of permit. Such changes can be, but limited to;
  • Change in premise layout which includes addition or loss of building.
  • Change in equipment or its location.
  • Change in officers , directors, ownership, stockholders, members or partners,
  • Change in location of business address.
Keep in mind a change in control of such permit will result in the termination of the permit, unless the individual taking control is a existing officer or has a ownership interest in the business.
TTB also at its own discretion may terminate a business permit if the location changes its address which will result in the entity needing to qualify for a new permit.

Changes in your method of operation:

Did you know that you may need to seek TTB's approval to do the following changes in operation.
  • Contract Pack for private parties.
  • Alternate your premise too allow a third party entity to use your facility for its own operation.
  • Add a brewery to a DSP or a DSP to a brewery.
  • Allowance to do blending of alcoholic products, or non-alcoholic products on a bonded premise.
  • Removal and or destruction of product to protect the revenue.
  • variances which are required from time to time for daily operations.
Labels and Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) approvals:

Once you permits is approved and issued, you still have an addtional step prior to marketing and selling your  brand.  Our team can assist you getting approvals:
  • Reviewing your label(s) prior to submitting to TTB to insure they comply in all aspects of 27CFR for content, clarity, madatory information, correct size and type etc.
  • Initate and file for COLA approval using COLA's pon line for faster approval times.
  • With clients permission adjsut label file size in order to meet TTB guidelines.
Keep in mind, some products manufactured may require an approved formula/statement of process before filing your COLA application. Please check with us so we can advise you on this matter.  If a statement/forula is required we can assit with that as well through formulas on line.

Record Keeping:
  • Our team can prepare and file your monthly Federal Reports with TTB,
  • We can prepare and file drawbacks on clients behalf for product exported out of the United States to other countries for an excise tax refund.
We also preform other services like audits to insure the permit holder is in compliance. THis is especially import for those contact packing with a establish manufacturer.

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